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Student at Cégep de l'Outaouais in Multimedia

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About me

I am a student at Cegep de Outaouais. I have about 1 year of experience at inter-vision. It’s a small web company in Gatineau. I would like to have some experience in government to see different ways of working and organizing. I would be open to an internship abroad to discover other cultures and travel to see other parts of the world.


I am mainly a web integrator who likes to design and adapt websites.


I am new to photography and I will continue to improve my expertise in the field. I mainly do portraits of people.

What I learn

Here is a small summary of my learning


I am very familiar with the WordPress CMS. I realized several sites on this platform. I'm starting to understand better and learn Joomla because I work on some sites that are powered by this CMS.


I recently bought a Nikon D5200 and started to deepen my knowledge as a photographer. I like doing portraits of my friends and all those who want photos especially for their social medias !


In Cegep I learn the basics of programming languages. I already know quite well: HTML and CSS. And now I'm learning JavaScript and PHP.


I am constantly learning Adobe programs, due to their updates, I continue to learn them and improve my knowledge with thoses programs to be as effective as possible.

Suitable for all situations!

I adapt to all situations!


I will find alternatives to problems and easy and effective solutions to solve problems. Suitable for all situations!


I will learn new management systems and other programs needed for my work.

Team work

I will adapt to teamwork and learn the techniques of my teammates to improve my efficiency.


Whatever the situation, I will adapt and learn to solve the problem as quickly as possible by using the internet or other ressources around me.

Photography - Portfolio

Here is some portrait I took with a Nikon D5200!

Jean-Daniel Francoeur


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